Parenting is really one of those toughest unpaid occupations that a couple do wholeheartedly with the hope that it brings a bright future for their kids.

Although it may get extremely rough and unbearable at times, proper and wise parenting can be rewarding as it helps in moulding the child into a great adult later.

As a parent, you should carefully think of the right decisions and take appropriate actions for making your child face the unforeseen future strongly.

Parenting coach Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi feels that kids need to learn how to deal with problems and challenges on their own and the childhood time is the best period when they can learn to do so within the security of their home and families.

She also claims that most parents think that they are doing the right thing by helping their children for every small issues with shortcuts but this is unfortunately not correct.

Chaturvedi advises parents to sometime take a step back and let their children figure out things for themselves as falling down and getting up is a skill that needs to be learnt by them too.

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She suggested five things which you must absolutely stop doing for your kids-

I. Doing their school work to make things easy

One of the wisest parenting decisions that you should definitely make is to let your children do their homework or their incomplete classwork totally with their own capabilities. You can help them if they come to you but it is better not to reduce their workload out of love. Encourage your child to always do their academic work by themselves so they can develop their learning abilities and get more knowledge.

II. Making every decision for them

Parents should always let their children make their own decisions sometimes so that they can become more independent and self-reliant in future. When you always try to interfere in every decision of your child, it not only hampers their privacy but lowers their self-esteem too. To prevent your child from getting confusion in the future over petty decisions, you should give them a little space to sometimes make their own decisions too 

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III. Overpraising every single thing they do

 If you keep on boasting constantly about your children in front of others when they are with you or excessively praise them almost every time, it will make them egoistic and they will become overconfident. This will not do them any good as they will become deeply upset when they have to face defeat or get scolded for their mistakes.

IV. Giving them everything they want when they want

It is not always good to buy your childrens’ favourite things whenever they ask as it will only make them more greedy and demanding later. The best parenting decision you can make is to exercise control on your kids’ wants and promising to get it for them only when they do a task nicely.

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V. Always protecting them from failure

If your child gets upset about scoring low marks in an exam or getting scolded in school, point out their mistakes and rather encourage them to do better next time. Don’t try to protect them from facing failures as it might not be good for their future. Teach them to face failures with a strong determination.

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