Wordle is an exciting and the most popular word-guessing game, and its new word of the day for today, May 23 is out.

The New York Times-owned game ignites players’ minds to guess a five-letter word in six attempts. With the help of colour-coded hints, it tells people about the presence or absence of a letter or alphabet in the guessing game.

Typically, Wordle sets common five-letter words that players can guess in the first few trials. Sometimes, the game throws a curveball, and players end up searching for the word, and fails.

The Wordle game allows users to share their scores on social media platforms like Twitter and WhatsApp. If you’re struggling with today’s (May 23) Wordle 338 of the day, the team of Northeast Now is here to help.

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We reveal the answer, so that you don’t miss your last chance. We don’t want to spoil the excitement of the Wordle game.

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Wordle Word 338 Hints And Answer Today, May 22 :

It has two vowels.

The first letter is a consonant.

It ends with a vowel.


It starts with the letter H.

It ends with the letter E.


The answer for Wordle 338 is HINGE.

Wordle Word 338 Answer for Past Week :

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The Wordle answer for May 21 was SCRAP , the Wordle word of the day for Wordle 335 on May 20 was GAMER. Before that, Wordle 334 word of the day for May 19 was GLASS. For Wordle 333, the word was SCOUR, and the Wordle answer of the day for May 17 for Wordle 332 was BEING. Before that, Wordle answer for Wordle 331 on May 16 was DELVE. Even before that on May 14, the answer for Wordle 329 was METAL. Wordle 327 was SLUNG, and FARCE was the Wordle 326.

Wordle Word 337 Answer today

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Last week, the Wordle answer for May 16 was DELVE. Last week, the Wordle 329 answer for May 14 was METAL, and the answer for the day before that was TIPSY. The Wordle answer for Wordle 327 was SLUNG, while the Wordle word for edition 326 was FARCE.

The Wordle 325 was GECKO, and the answer for Wordle 323 was CANNY. Wordle 322 answer for May 7 was MIDST, and the Wordle answer for May 6, Wordle 321, was BADGE. The Wordle 320 word of the day for May 5 was HOMER. For Wordle 319, the word was TRAIN, and the Wordle answer of the day for May 3 for Wordle 318 was HAIRY.

The correct guess of the Wordle word will mark a particular block with the single letter as ‘green.’ If the secret word has the letter ‘R’ in it, but your chosen word places the letter in the wrong block, it will be shown in yellow. If the block remains grey, it means the letter is not in any spot. Each day, Wordle will choose a new word of the day, so in other words, the secret word keeps changing.

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