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File photo of Nagaland Congress leaders.

The Nagaland Congress on Wednesday said Nagaland, being safeguarded by Inner Line Permit (ILP) from Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), is simply a “false assurance” by the BJP.

Strongly condemning the repeated statements of Nagaland BJP president and minister Temjen Imna Along on CAA, the Nagaland Congress, in a statement, said Along got his facts wrong on Nagaland being a 6th Schedule state.

“This only showed his ignorance and eagerness to indulge in talking without ascertaining facts which is unbecoming of a person holding high position in party as well as in government,” it said.

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After being re-elected as state BJP chief recently, Along said the CAA will not affect Nagaland as the state is protected under Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873, which has given the state the right and power to select its citizens.

“Once and all, this should rest for Nagaland,” he said.

The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) said the “half truths” and “whole lies” have become the hallmark of the BJP to enforce their “divisive agenda” on the people.

“It is the BJP which has politicised the CAA by making religion as the basis for citizenship that has struck at the liberal and plural idea of India,” it said.

The Nagaland Congress said exemption from CAA based on ILP is just a ploy to divide the Northeast region and contain the fallout.

It said despite having ILP for several decades, the state government has not been able to check the influx of illegal migrants.

The Nagaland Congress also said the fallout of CAA and NRC in neighbouring Assam and other parts of the country will open floodgates for those granted citizenship through CAA to procure ILP and settle among the tribal population.

It said Article 371A placed Nagaland as the most safeguarded state in the Indian Union after Article 370 was removed from J&K.

“Article 371A cannot be BJP’s exclusive commitment to the people of Nagaland since the said Article was inserted in the Indian Constitution long before BJP was formed,” the NPCC said.

It said it is heartening to see that the protest against CAA in Nagaland has seen college and university students coming to the forefront.

It also expressed shock at the silence of different Naga groups and civil society organisations on CAA.

The NPCC said it is very unfortunate that the Nagas are being “led up the garden path” by the BJP to avoid any protest on CAA fallout.

It reminded the Nagas that the CAA followed by NRC and thereafter Uniform Civil Code will ensure conformity and uniformity to the “majoritarian agenda” which will act as the final solution to Naga political aspirations.

Bhadra Gogoi

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