Major opposition party of Mizoram, Zoram People’s Movement’s (ZPM) general secretary,Phairothanga, on Monday, accused the State Government of handcuffing and keeping officials of the state,‘motionless’.

Addressing a party meeting at ZPM office in Aizawl, the leader alleged, “Roads constructed in the State under the Centre’s Pradhan Mantri Gram SadakYojana (PMGSY) scheme, never lasts long enough as engineers are being handcuffed to carry out their tasks.”

He further alleged that the ministers were hand in glove with contractors to earn money as a result of which engineers could not work in consonance that can help the State in the long run.

“Officials should be set free and a new system must be introduced to develop the State,” said, general secretary of ZPM.

Phairothanga, informed that the state PWD has quality control division at Aizawl’s Zuangtui locality and a sub-division in Lunglei where there are well equipped laboratories to check the quality of rock and cement to be used for constructing roads.

He alleged that officials of Project Implementation Unit (PIU) are being handcuffed to check whether or not the certified construction materials are properly used in the construction.

Alleging further, he said, “Owing to secret ties with ministers, no contractors are summoned during any defect liability period which forces the officials to overlook the duties of a prudent monitor and check, if the constructed roads are good or not.”

Aniruddha Laskar

Aniruddha Laskar is the Chief of Bureau, South Assam &and Mizoram. He can be reached at - anilaskar@gmail.com