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Fear of 666 gripped a large section of Christians in Mizoram who are convinced that biometric or Aadhaar enrolment is the beginning of the “mark of the beast.” So much so that they have submitted  memorandum to the secretary of National Legal Services Authority saying that they cannot enroll themselves for Aadhar as they would go to hell if forced to register.

“Various interpretations of the book note that the ‘beast’ is symbolic of modern day political power. The Book, at Chapter 13, warns that anyone who receives such a number will face dire consequences,” the forum called Mizos Against Biometric Enrolment in their letter said.

The copy of their letter was sent to the President of India, Union Law Minister, Mizoram Governor, and chief secretary of Mizoram.

The memorandum was submitted to the secretary of the National Legal Services Authority when the forum was threatened to be omitted from public distribution system under Mizoram government.

Officials of Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department said the detesting members of the forum are still given ration supply under the state PDS.

Members of the forum believe that their religious views have been impeded upon and that the government is violating their rights. The Mizos Against Biometric Enrolment is fully aware of the recent Supreme Court’s hearing on a petition on the Constitutional validity of Aadhaar.

“Several cases are being taken up by the Supreme Court, we are anxiously waiting on its verdict,” the forum said, adding that “Even if the verdict is not in our favour, we will not budge nor take the matter to court ourselves, we are prepared to face anything which goes against our faith.”

The Mizos Against Biometric Enrolment feels that the “beast” is not India nor the Aadhaar, but opined that the biometric enrolment was just the beginning, “Those who enrolled will be an instruments of the impending beast, the 666, and are doomed for hell,” they said.

The forum claimed that there are about one lakh people who will not enroll standing up against the “instruments of the 666.”

So far, there are about 100 government employees in Mizoram who preferred voluntary retirement to linking their government documents with Aadhaar.

Sangzuala Hmar

Sangzuala Hmar is Northeast Now Correspondent in Aizawl. He can be reached at: sz.hmar@gmail.com

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