Shillong: Meghalaya Tourism Minister Paul Lyngdoh recently concluded his visit to Switzerland, where he embarked on a crucial mission to pave the way for the highly anticipated Shillong Ropeway project.

The ambitious venture, valued at over Rs 140 crore, is funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

During a press conference, Minister Lyngdoh expressed his enthusiasm, stating that the Shillong Ropeway project is poised to become the largest undertaking in North East India.

Anticipating a significant surge in tourist footfall, he emphasized the pivotal role tourism will play as the foremost employment avenue in the state of Meghalaya.

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To illustrate the transformative power of tourism, Minister Lyngdoh shared an inspiring example from Sohra. Previously, homeowners would earn a mere Rs 3,000 per month on average. However, with the influx of visitors, they now earn an astounding Rs 3,000 per room per day.

Elaborating on his visit to Switzerland, the minister revealed that he had received an invitation from the Swiss government with the purpose of implementing the ropeway project in accordance with European standards. Switzerland was specifically chosen due to its technological prowess, similarity in climatic conditions, and comparable topographic features.

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Minister Lyngdoh underscored the multifaceted benefits of the project, asserting that it would boost the local economy and encompass various amenities such as gaming, entertainment, and the construction of a park. Moreover, the project would prioritize inclusivity by incorporating facilities to cater to individuals with disabilities. Notably, the ropeway system will have the capacity to accommodate over 600 people per hour.

Providing a timeline for the project, Minister Lyngdoh revealed, “The project is expected to take flight by August. We will commence the tendering process, and by December, we aim to initiate the groundwork. The entire project is projected to be completed within a span of two years.”

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