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Karbi People’s Liberation Tigers (KPLT), an armed organization in Karbi Anglong of Assam which has come over ground has blamed the Centre as well as the State Government for not taking initiative for negotiation and demanded that they should be invited for talks to solve the issues raised by KPLT, said general secretary of the organization Loti Chari Kangtang Bey at a press conference held at KPLT designated camp, 5th Miles in Diphu on Wednesday.

Bey said, “KPLT has its aim and objective on demanding autonomous state under Article 244 (A) of the Constitution. The Government has sent its representatives asking us to come over ground and promised to start negotiation. With this assurance, the KPLT has come over ground on October 20, 2016. But now we have come to know that both the Centre and State governments are not taking interest in us. No initiative has been taken from the government’s side to invite us for talks.”

Publicity secretary SR Krongjang said at first the government was providing ration, clothes, blankets and other requirements of the designated camp, but now the camp inmates have no ration, clothes, potable water and other necessities.

Bey also informed that the organization has to reshuffle its body as the previous Chairman Donri Kramsa and general secretary Vojaru Hanjang went inactive.

In order to have better functioning in the organization, a reshuffle was made in which the post of Chairman and general secretary went to the vice chairman Risim Senar Pator and himself (Loti Chari Kangtang Bey) took over as the general secretary respectively.

About the news that appeared in a few local daily about seven KPLT cadres fleeing from the organization, Bey clarified that it is not true.

It is to malign the image of the KPLT by some circles with vested interest, he added.

At present the total strength of the cadres is 209 with two designated camps at 5th Miles, Diphu and another at Kolonga in West Karbi Anglong.

At Diphu camp, there are around 70 cadres, Bey informed.

Defence secretary Rijak Dera said, “When the KPLT came over ground the government has assured us full protection. But it is seen that the Army and police in the name of search operation for other armed organizations and anti-social elements have been apprehending our men, which is not justified. I urge the State and Central governments not to allow their machineries to arrest our cadres from anywhere by levelling false charges.”

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