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Guwahati High Court on Thursday ordered Deputy Commissioner of Dibrugarh Pallav Gopal Jha for an inquiry against alleged anomaly in tender of paver block roads in Dibrugarh, according to information received here on Saturday.

The state government has approved Rs 11,61,26,925 crore for paver block roads in Dibrugarh.

According to sources, Dibrugarh Muncipal Board (DMB) under chairperson Soma Chakraborty has allotted road construction work numbering 102 by alleged order dated February 1, 2019 and showing hundred per cent completion of about 37 numbers of roads.

Rachna Jain, one of the ward commissioners of Dibrugarh Muncipal Board has filed a case against alleged corruption at DMB. The petition W P (C) No 1223/2019 (Rachna Jain v/s the state of Assam & ors) is pending before the High Court.

Sources alleged that wanton corruption has been going on in the DMB under the nose of DMB chairperson.

According to information, for Baruah pathar by lane 2, Rs 6.19 828 lakh was sactioned and Rs 3, 24,860 was sactioned for Baruah pathar by lane 3. Surprisingly, both the roads were not touched by the DMB, but the chairperson of DMB has filed a petition before that the High Court that both the construction of the roads has been completed.

Sources alleged that DMB has been riddled with rampant corruption and anomalies in construction of roads in Dibrugarh town. Every year huge sum of money were alloted to DMB for the development of roads under DMB but in reality the corrupt DMB officials siphoned off the funds meant for the development of roads.

Avik Chakraborty

Avik Chakraborty is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dibrugarh. He can be reached at: babs8oct@gmail.com

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