The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has confirmed that a tiny asteroid will safely pass near to Earth on Wednesday.

NASA, however, clarified that the asteroid poses no threat to Earth, as it will not even come close to hitting the planet.

The asteroid, named as Asteroid 2020 HS7 by the agency, will pass at a distance of 23,000 miles/36,400 km from Earth.

Informing this NASA Asteroid Watch tweeted:

Tiny asteroid 2020 HS7 will safely pass Earth just before 3 pm EDT today at a distance of about 23,000 miles/36,400 km. 2020 HS7 poses no danger to our planet, and small asteroids of this size safely pass by Earth a few times per month.’

The NASA also said that the tiny asteroids like 2020 HS7 (4-6 meters in diameter) are small enough that if they were on a collision course with Earth, they would disintegrate in the atmosphere.

It further said that the planetary defense experts are always watching the skies to safeguard Earth from future potential threats.

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