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Gayatree G Lahon is a teacher by profession and a poet by passion. Being an ardent lover of nature and a true aesthete, an observer of life with all its beauty and complexities, she tries to express everything through her pen. For her, poetry is a celebration of life in all its myriad shades. Her poems have been published in newspapers, magazines and anthologies in India and as well as abroad.

Here are three of her latest poems:

Rain That Pains

Everyday I wish for a little bit of sunshine to lighten my mood

But the sky has made rain so frequent and common

The poems and songs of rain have lost the beauty and allure

How can I find a light of warmth in this darkness and gloom….!

Pain and dysthymia my two companions can’t go to sleep

They accuse the weather and the incessant pouring rain

Somehow I make them asleep with the help of sedatives

The long absence of Sun has made the canvas dull grey…

Where is the beautiful music of rain!

It seems like the same song is played on the record player again and again

And the air in low spirit spreading cold vibes around me

I am still waiting for the advent of a warm light that would touch me

And the stoic pain and murky gloom would sink into oblivion…

Gayatree G Lahon

She Is A Woman

She can raise a sea inside her to dissolve her tears and agonies

She discovers a sky to fly and rise above the worries

She can hide secrets in the depth of her heart and still look amazing

A smile is the best make up for her to look dashing

She stays happy with whatever life offers

Whatever discontent she feels she filters

She is supposed to be loyal to her husband and family

She is accused whenever something goes wrong in her vicinity

Once she grows up she can never return to her childhood

A lot of people she has to take care with her womanhood

Once she becomes a mother she takes on challenges everyday

She grows and grows and we see the woman of today

She can manage even if there is no-one to lessen her pain

She only stands by herself because she is a woman!

What Cannot Break You Makes You

A lonely path in a wintry morning looks desolate

The fog dampens trees standing on both the ways

Still you walk alone with some warmth inside

No one is there to hear your footsteps

Everything seems to be under a misty veil

But are sojourns new for you?

Miles and miles you have walked alone

Sometimes on crowded streets

Sometimes in lonely woods

Your feet gets acquainted with every road you take

Paths will be crossed…things will be gained or lost

The one who stays day and night with you is your shadow

Which may get smaller or bigger with the light

But it strengthens your every move

With the exposure it has everyday with the affair called “Life”…

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