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The much-hyped Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India has become a farce in Assam.

At a time when the information technology has been growing fast, the main websites of the Assam government are not user friendly and not updated with latest information.

A user after visiting the, the website of the Assam government, came to know that this has still remained in Beta version.

Besides, the user alleged that the website could not be opened smoothly on the mobile phone.

“In the Assam government website, I was searching for the email addresses, phone numbers, posts and other details of the high-level officials for a long time. But the website is opened on the mobile phone with an improper display and there is no latest information,” the user, on condition of anonymity told Northeast Now.

“I can’t carry the laptop all the time,” the user said.

Many others users also complained of similar experience that the website can’t be properly viewed over the mobile phone.

To know about his reaction in this regard, Northeast Now contacted the chief secretary of the Assam government, Alok Kumar, on Tuesday.

He was questioned whether the main websites of the Assam government are not mobile-friendly and are the websites still in Beta version.

“Ok, I am gathering information in this regard,” chief secretary Alok Kumar briefly told Northeast Now.

On the other hand, while speaking to one Diganta Barma of the NIC department regarding the issue, he told Northeast Now, “I am now not in Guwahati. If there is anything wrong, I am looking at it. If there is no mobile compatibility, it will have to be asked.”

Another user said, “Most of the websites of the Assam government are not updated. If tried to connect the police stations through the phone numbers available on the website, it gets connected to some other places. The names of the police officials also don’t remain updated.”

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