The second wave of Covid19 hit Dibrugarh in April and in the month of May, it affected most of the people of the district but now the cases are on a declining trend with the district registering a total of 3,042 cases in the month of July.

According to official figures, the numbers are almost one-fourth of the total cases registered in the month of May when the total cases jumped to 11,613.

In June, the district logged 6,042 positive cases.

During the second wave from April 1-July 31, Dibrugarh district recorded 22,818 Covid19 cases including 325 deaths.

The highest number of single-day cases was recorded on May 24 when 612 positive cases were detected while the highest single-day deaths were recorded on May 19 and May 25 registering 10 deaths on both days.

Health department sources said not only the number of positive cases has declined but even the number of deaths has also come down considerably.

Compared to 164 Covid19 deaths in May, there were 48 deaths in July.

In June, a total of 98 Covid19 deaths were recorded in the district.

“The daily Covid positive cases and deaths have been declining since the past several weeks. As of today, there are only 797 active cases in the district. It is an indication of easing of the second wave,” a health official said.

“But we are very careful as even a single day of laxity may squander the efforts to bring down the cases. People also have to be cautious. There have to be continuous efforts towards containing the spread of the virus,” the official said.

He further said a total of 4,42,301 people have been vaccinated in the district while adding that the vaccination process will be further ramped up across the district from August onwards.

Avik Chakraborty

Avik Chakraborty is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dibrugarh. He can be reached at: