One needs to understand the better picture before investing in digital assets, says the industry expert

Guwahati: When cryptocurrencies and NFTs debuted initially, they were not considered to be the best investment option for many, except for a few who believed in its potential and went ahead investing in them.

With time, people have realized that these are the future and if grabbed at the right time can give substantial results without any second thoughts. One of the few who believed in the power of these digital assets was Palis, who goes by the name @curvethots on Twitter.

He was always in sync with these powerful alternative investment assets as he believed that it’s potential was endless, and they will mark their presence everywhere, right from the physical world to Metaverses, and this belief encouraged him to delve deep into this space and emerge as a knowledgeable individual who mastered the art of zeroing down the best from the lot.

Palis says, “the popularity of NFTs is massive. Last year, we experienced an explosion in NFTs that were being sold for millions of dollars, which helped them gain the limelight. Today, every investor wants to grab the best NFTs in the market as their potential has been realized, though a little late. Yet, those who get hold of the best gain to win big time, for sure.”

Palis strongly believes that this is a niche market right now, as the number of NFT collectors are limited, but the potential is so huge that the NFT market can tap into more than 60% of the internet users in the next 10 years, unbelievable but true.

Though these are lucrative, you must be cautious before investing in them as you need to understand their associated risks, and do due diligence before making any investments. NFTs are illiquid, and the majority of them will become worthless in the next three years. So choose your bet after researching well.

Manage your risk and play safe, says Palis who constantly updates about the happenings of the DeFi world on his Twitter which has garnered a massive following owing to his informative Tweets.

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