Shillong Teer is an especially popular archery-based game in Meghalaya, and each day, it keeps thousands of individuals in Shillong and other towns eagerly looking ahead to the Shillong Teer result.

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Jowai Teer Result :

DateFR (02:15PM)SR (02:45PM)

Shillong Teer result’s instantly declared on www.nenow.in, and therefore the Shillong Teer enthusiasts can access it from anywhere within the world. Both the primary round and second round of ShillongTeer results are declared on this website.

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Shillong Teer Result :

The results of first round of Shillong Teer are announced at 3.45 pm. and therefore the second round of ShillongTeer results are announced at 4.45 pm.

Hope you have got selected an honest number for the Shillong Teer. We wish you all luck in order that you get to win Shillong Teer today. Let the Shillong Teer result bring you new hope in your life.

Even after the COVID19 pandemic has taken the globe by a storm, Shillong Teer continues to be an exciting game, and thousands of individuals wait every afternoon for Shillong Teer result.

The unique game of Shillong Teer is played from Monday to Saturday. there’s no Shillong Teer on Sunday. it’s a legal archery-based game, organized by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association.

There are about 12 archery clubs that are part of the association which organizes the Shillong Teer, and declare the Shillong Teer result.

People buy Shillong Teer tickets from Re 1 up to Rs 100. The state has over 5,500 Shillong Teer ticket booking counters across the 11 districts.

Every day, tickets for the primary round of Shillong Teer are sold from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. and for the second round of Shillong Teer, tickets are sold till 4.30 pm.

Shillong Teer may be a legal game in Meghalaya and is governed by rules framed under the Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Tax Act.

The game is straightforward. One must select the last two digits of the entire number of arrows that hit the target. Whoever gets the amount right, is that the winner of Shillong Teer.

In the first round, 50 archers shoot 30 arrows. within the other, 20 arrows are shot.

In addition to Shillong Teer, the sport is played at three different places —Khanapara Teer, Jowai Teer and Ladrymbai Teer.

The Shillong Teer result’s supported the amount of arrows hitting the targets. The archers are now positioned five feet from each and wearing masks is additionally mandatory.

The size of the target should be between 61 cm to 102 cm tall and 66 cm to 127 cm in circumference. the gap of the target from the shooters won’t be but 15.21 meters and quite 30.48 meters.

The archers should complete one round of shooting at the target in but five minutes. The Shillong Teer result’s supported the amount of arrows hitting the targets.

If one is in a position to predict the quantity of both the primary and second round, it’s called the ‘forecast’ and therefore the winner gets Rs 4,000 for each Rs 1.

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