The next 24 hours will be crucial for the Russian invasion-hit Ukraine. 

This was told by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Notably, Ukrainian armed forces have been valiantly defending their country on three fronts from the overwhelming Russian invading forces. 

The general staff of Ukraine’s armed forces has stated that Russia has suffered significant losses during first four days of invasion of Ukraine.  

“As of 6 pm, February 27, estimated loss of Russian personnel – about 4500 troopers, 150 tanks, over 700 armoured vehicles, 60 fuel tanks, 1 Buk system, 4 Grad systems and 26 helicopters,” general staff of Ukraine’s armed forces claimed. 

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Interestingly, the Russian authorities reportedly for the first time have claimed that there have been causalities on their side. 

According to reports, although the numbers of casualties were not spelled out by the Russian authorities, it admitted that one of its top generals was killed in the invasion. 

Thus far, the Russian forces have not been able to make any substantial gains during their invasion of Ukraine. 

While Ukraine’s capital Kyiv still stands tall, in Kharkiv – the country’s second largest city – Ukrainian armed forces repelled an overwhelming Russian invasion on Sunday. 

The Ukrainian forces inflicted massive damages to Russian equipment by destroying tanks and armoured vehicles. 

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Many Russian troopers were also captured by the Ukrainian forces in Kharkiv. 

Governor of Ukraine’s Kharkiv has said that the Ukrainian forces have regained full control of the city. 

On the other hand, the Russian forces have also failed to make any substantial gains in the Donbas front with Ukrainian forces holding the frontline. 

Meanwhile, impressed by the Ukrainian resistance, the European Union (EU) has announced donation of lethal weapons to war-hit Ukraine. 

The United States has already announced a 350 million dollars military aid to Ukraine. 

On the other hand, Germany reversing its long-standing policy on supplying weapons to conflict-hit areas, has also announced lethal aid to Ukraine. 

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