Parenting is really one of those toughest unpaid occupations that a couple do wholeheartedly

As a parent, you should carefully think of the right decisions and take appropriate actions for making your child face the unforeseen future strongly

Parenting coach Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi feels that kids need to learn how to deal with problems and challenges on their own

According to Chaturvedi, childhood time is the best period when children can learn how to deal with problems and challenges within the security of their home

She suggested five things which you must absolutely stop doing for your kids-

Doing their school work to make things easy

Let your children do their homework totally with their own capabilities so they can develop their learning abilities and get more knowledge

Making every decision for them

Parents should always let their children make their own decisions sometimes so that they can become more independent and self-reliant in future

Overpraising every single thing they do

Excessive praising for children is not good as it makes them egoistic and overconfident and they will become deeply upset when they have to face defeat

Giving them everything they want when they want

It is not always good to buy your childrens’ favourite things whenever they ask as it will only make them more greedy and demanding later

Always protecting them from failure

Teach your children to face failures with a strong determination and encourage them to perform better