Winter is right around the corner and the time has again come for us to take out our old woolies to protect ourselves from the biting cold

Inspite of the chill that winter brings, you can still glam up like a diva with some of the basic winter clothes and accessories

Here are some of the winter essentials that every lady must have in her closet-

Comfy sweater

Be it work, party or home, a comfy sweater is the basic winter outfit that every lady must definitely have to stay safe, feel good and look stylish

Cozy scarf

One of the most ignored winter essentials is the scarf and you should buy one if you don’t have as it the main protector of coughs and colds and also raise the style quotient of an outfit

Leather jacket

To make a unique style statement in winter, there can’t be anything other than a leather jacket which won’t only protect you from cold but also jazz up your overall look

Classic overcoat

If you are looking for a winter formal look, a classic overcoat in black or brown will make any dull outfit look extremely dramatic

High boots

Why should the feet be left behind from protection from the biting cold and the perfect thing for covering your feet can only be the high boots