The actresses of Assam are today making waves even outside the state with their finest performances and have achieved excellence in their crafts.

Besides their superb acting, many of the Assamese actresses who have a large fan following on their social media profiles are popularizing the traditional looks of Assam

With elegant as well as bold styles, these Assamese actresses are leaving no stone unturned to present the traditional clothes and accessories of Assam beautifully before the world

Some of the ethereal looks of the Assamese actresses in 2022 are-

Barsha Rani Bishaya

A bright pink mekhela chadar designed by Dharitree Gogoi and minimalistic traditional jewellery from Dugdugi is making Barsha Rani Bishaya look simply ethereal

Nishita Goswami

With statement bird shaped earrings and necklace from Prajapati Assamese Jewellery and a stunning violet mekhela chadar from Pure Assamese Attire, Nishita Goswami is emitting boss lady vibes

Preety Kongana

An extremely bold look has been flaunted by Preety Kongana in this classic red mekhela chadar from the Earth Collection of Bidyut & Rakesh along with contemporary jewellery from Golden Window

Debashree Gogoi

With a dazzling blue mekhela chadar from Niharika Silk Factory and traditional jewellery from Dugdugi, Debashree Gogoi is looking stunning

Alishmita Goswami

A deep green mekhela chadar from Ugha Ethnics has been flaunted prettily by Alishmita Goswami with a floral hair bun and traditional jewellery

Sunita Kaushik

A beautiful traditional look has been donned by Sunita Kaushik with a striking red mekhela chadar from Bidyut & Rakesh along with statement jewellery from Koina Fashion Jewellers