A five-month-old baby girl in the UK seems like ‘turning into stone’ after being diagnosed with an incurable and extremely rare genetic condition that affects just one in two million people.

Lexi Robbins, born on January 31, was soon discovered to have bigger toes and that her thumbs could not make any movement.

Her parents, Alex and Dave soon took her to doctors but it took them a while to diagnose her with a life-limiting disease called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP).

The disorder can replace muscles and connective tissues, such as tendons and ligaments, with bone.

It can also lead to bone formation outside the skeleton and restricting movement.

Due to the effects of the genetic disease, it is perceived that the body is turning to stone.

The baby’s X-rays, done in April, revealed that she had bunions on her feet and double-jointed thumbs.

People with FOP can be bedridden by the age of 20 and their life expectancy is around 40 years.

Due to the disorder, Lexi’s condition may worsen rapidly if she suffers any minor trauma, as simple as falling over.

Moreover, she also cannot receive injections, vaccinations and dental care and cannot give birth.

Meanwhile, Lexi’s parents have started a fundraiser for research on the disease to help find a cure as there is no proven treatment for the disease at present.

Scientists are working to find a cure for the disorder after receiving funds from a charity.

Lexi’s parents have also spoken to some experts who said that there are active clinical trials that have proven somewhat successful.


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