Do Millenials remember changing their avatar’s outfit on Yahoo? Centennials would be able to relate to that with changing the appearance of their Bitmojis on Snapchat. These are just examples from the past of what we’re stepping into now.

We’re talking Digital Fashion and how it is slowly beginning to be a game-changer in the mainstream fashion world. Speaking of ‘mainstream fashion’, the consumption of the same has been increasing in this increasingly digitized world of ours.

You’ve heard of different kind of digital art forms but here’s an event kicking it up a notch in the digital realm, pushing fashion beyond the limits of physical creations.

A new event has emerged between the ceremonial Fashion Week events at Milan and Paris this season and we “cannot keep calm”.

The first-ever Crypto Fashion Week explored the possibility of a future of fully digital fashion through workshops, speaker talks, shows, etc.

The event aimed to such the world of fashion into the vortex of the ditigal world and to unite designers and tech experts to explore latest innovations in fields of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain technologies, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Designers developed virtual clothing for people uploading and selling their designs on blockchain marketplaces during the event which was held over 5 days from February 22-26.

The items showcased during video livestreams of the fashion week ranged from sneakers by digital footwear designers to a white, bone-like amorphic headpiece. Some designers showcased their designs on a virtual catwalk with continuously changing dress colours.

In certain shows during the Fashion Week, the backgrounds shifted landscapes and each design explored the limitless possibilities digital fashion.

This one-of-a-kind fashion week further explored what future trends would look like both in the online and offline offline world.

Cryptofashion is digital fashion that can be traded and authenticated upon the blockchain. With Cryptocurrencies becoming the mainstream asset, it is no surprise that the digital currency has surged roughly 800 per cent since mid-march last year.

What is Digital Fashion?

With current trends and the new normal in a post-pandemic world, fashion houses are being compelled to present their latest collections virtually. Artificial Intelligence plays with codes and can deconstruct the true meaning of art and aesthetics in fashion.

Instead of just being a shelf where items are displayed, the internet has become a place where 3D versions of an actual piece of apparel are being purchased virtually and being worn exclusively.

This has given rise to a new era of social creativity. Companies and brands should now embrace this digital fashion to stay relevant.

Rifa Deka

Rifa Deka is based in Guwahati and she can be reached at: