Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb’s wife, Niti Deb announced that she decided to surrender her security, provided by the government.

She made the announcement on her Facebook page on Saturday.

Announcing her decision to surrender the government security system, Niti Deb said the money being spent on her protection at this time of pandemic should be spent for the people of the state.

Chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb gets ‘Y’ category protection.

However, Manik Sarkar, who remained as the chief minister of the state for a long time, did not avail of such protection.

Sarkar’s wife Panchali Bhattacharya also did not avail of any government security and walked around like an ordinary citizen.

Like Panchali Bhattacharya, Niti Deb is also a central government employee.

In January this year, in response to a question in the Assembly, Biplab Deb, who is is charge of the home department, said since 2018, his wife, Niti Deb had been given two armed security personnel for her protection.

The monthly cost for her security is about Rs 1.44 lakh, as per the January estimate.

And now, after two-and-half years of the BJP coming to power in Tripura, Niti Deb announced the government to remove her security.

Meanwhile, experts say that no one can leave security whenever they wish.

A person’s personal security can be taken away only if a security agency decides or if the government decides.

In her Facebook post, Niti Deb had said: “…I am grateful to everyone for the affection I have received from the little ones. I think if I go to any room in Tripura or any village or go away somewhere to travel I have nothing to fear from anyone, I have nothing to fear.”

“Because where I’m being given so much love means the whole state is protecting me.

“I am going to make a decision today that the government security system and government protocols provided to me by the government is me (Surrender) giving up.

“Because I think there should be no difference between me and the general public for some reason. I am as close to you as you want to understand me, want to get me, and as much as you want to see me stand with you.

“In this terrible situation of COVID-19, I want that the amount that is being spent for my protection should be used for the welfare of the people.

“And we have to join as much as possible for our society because every person’s participation is very important in the development of the financial system in the coming days.

“When we talk about self dependent India it means every person must cooperate because positive change is not possible until every person in society joins it.

“This is why I urge the administration to remove the security system given to me,” she added.

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