AGARTALA: A boy from Tripura has claimed to have owned property on the moon and claims to be the first person of the state to do so.

He claimed that he has bought one acre of land on earth’s only natural satellite.

The person, Suman Debnath, who hails from Sabroom under South Tripura district said that he has paid Rs 6,000 to the Luna Society International for the property.

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Speaking to the media persons, Debnath said, he came to know that several celebrities have bought land in the Moon, of late, and being curious he also searched on the web to understand the matter.

“I read some news about our Bollywood stars buying property on the moon. Inspired by them, I started to look out for the authentic ways to buy property on the moon”, he added.

He further said, “After some time, I got to know, International Lunar Society is the agency that is undertaking the land registry of the moon.”

He claimed that in the beginning, he thought they might charge a huge amount of money for the plot but later he came to know the money they are charging is under his “reach”.

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“Hence I made the payments”, said Debnath.

Debnath paid around Rs 6,000 including all the related costs like shipping charge of original property documents, PDF making charge and miscellaneous hidden charges.

“I have already received the soft copies of the essential documents through email. The original copies are shipped by post and expected to reach here in Sabroom within next week”, said Debnath.

His unique claim took the people of his locality by surprise.