Sumi Naga artistes performing traditional dance at Tuluni festival in Zunhebooto on Monday. Image credit - Northeast Now

The Sumi Naga community celebrated Tuluni festival in Nagaland’s Zunheboto town hall with various cultural activities like folk dance, folk song, top spinning competition, recitation of Tuluni poem or proverbs.

Adviser to school education department K.T. Sukhalu, who was the Tuluni Papuh or Tuluni Father, said at the function on Monday, “In the past, cultural traditions were given utmost importance but with the coming of western culture to our society, we have forgotten our cultural values, customs and traditions.”

He urged the younger generation to know one’s customs, culture and traditions.

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Sukhalu also directed the gaon burhas to be strict in case of school education by not entertaining any proxy teachers in their respective jurisdictions and not to compromise on the students’ future.

He also requested the land owners not to hinder developmental activities by seeking land compensation but cooperate with the government as it is for the benefits of everyone.

Grand Tuluni feast followed the formal programme.

Bhadra Gogoi

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