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In a very surprising move, two legislators of the opposition Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party have attended the second day of the ongoing Budget Session 2019 of Sikkim Legislative Assembly on Tuesday.

By going against the decision of the party to boycott the assembly sessions, Upper Tadong MLA, G T Dhungel and Namcheybong MLA, E M Prasad Sharma of SDF party have attended the second day of the Assembly session.

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During the zero hour, both MLAs placed petitions to provide separate seating arrangement in the House away from the SDF legislator’s bench, which was accepted by the Speaker, L B Das.

They also offered khadas to the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and the chief minister P S Golay.

Before placing their petitions, they said in the House that the people have voted them to work for them so they have decided to attend the Assembly session in the interest of the people although other SDF legislators boycotted the Assembly session.

Responding to media queries after the Assembly session, Upper Tadong MLA, G T Dhungel said that the participation in the Assembly session was not the revolt against the party but it was just the differences in thoughts.

He stated that reactions from difference sections on the absence of the opposition legislators in the Assembly gave them guilty feeling so they decided to attend the Assembly session to place the voice and issues of the people.

“We participated in the proceeding and discussion in the Assembly session and this shows we are here for the people and to work for them,” Dhungel said.

He also added that ‘people sent us to the Assembly and we are here for the people’.

Likewise, Namcheybong MLA, E M Prasad Sharma said, “People of Sikkim voted us and sent to Assembly but we are running away from our responsibility, so we are here to deliver the responsibility of a responsible opposition.”

He stated that there was no any question to leave the party but they are only sitting in the Assembly for the people as SDF B in the separate bench.

He stated that it was upto the SDF president to take any disciplinary action or not.

Dhungel further said, “Until we are not on the right platform we cannot place issue of the people.”

“So there was a pressure from the people on us since day one of the government formation to work in their interest,” he further added.

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