Naga Hoho
Leaders of Naga Hoho (file image).

The Naga Hoho has appealed to all Naga political ‘rival groups’ to renew their vision and implement the Covenant of Reconciliation in letter and spirit for the common Naga cause.

In a release issued by its communication cell on Thursday, the Naga Hoho said the Covenant of Reconciliation, signed by all the top-ranking Naga political groups on June 13, 2009 under the banner of Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), was an epoch-making event in the annals of Naga political history.

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Joining the 10th anniversary of signing of the agreement on Thursday, the Hoho acknowledged the struggle of FNR members, in particular, for leading the Naga people thus far towards the path of peace and reconciliation among the rival groups.

“Being minorities in this sub-continent, fear and apprehensions are looming in the minds of Naga people of what destiny holds and therefore, amicable political settlement is the only hope which is possible once we are united and reconciled,” it said.

The Hoho said with the exception of those who were born post-ceasefire period, the Naga people have witnessed horrific killings among different Naga political rival groups alongside the bloody war between the Indian forces and Naga armies.

In such an unprecedented situation 10 years back, the Naga civil societies unanimously resolved to form a body called FNR to strive for unity and reconciliation among different Naga political groups.

“Under their efforts, the fratricidal killings could come to an end in the best interest of entire Naga people,” the Hoho stated.

Bhadra Gogoi

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