Newly appointed Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) Chief Executive Member (CEM) Durjya Dhan Chakma on Monday presented the annual budget for fiscal 2021-2022 amounting to Rs. 3,483.12 lakh as the budget session resumed after it was indefinitely adjourned following the dissolution of the executive committee due to the resignation of incumbent CEM  Rasik Mohan Chakma on March 29.

The annual budget accounts for Rs.12,548.80 lakh and Rs.585.00 lakh under normal grant-in-aid against salary and non-salary respectively, Rs.70.88 lakh and Rs.108.79 lakh against salary and non-salary respectively to Village Councils under grants for village council remuneration and Rs.169.65 lakh being estimated collection of local revenue.

The Rs.585 lakhs under normal GIA earmarked as non-salary shall be utilized for purchase of furniture and computer accessories for different departments, purchase and distribution of school textbooks and stationaries, free distribution of school uniforms to pre-primary students, the printing of common question paper for class-IV and VIII, purchase and maintenance of vehicles, works under MDC-LAD Fund, publication of CADC calendar, purchase and distribution of coconut and areca nut seedlings, purchase of coal for the CADC brick kiln, roadside plantation and financial assistance to families for piggery or poultry or duckery or cattle-rearing.

The Budget reflects a salary deficit of Rs.2818.39 Lakhs under normal GIA which is largely attributable to the revised pay of councilors inclusive of arrears and a deficit of Rs.7.04 Lakhs against village council remuneration due to the creation of five new village councils.

Rs.470.91 lakh is expected from the Ministry of DoNER by PFMS transfer against completion of construction of 10 schools and development of 115.7 hectares of WRC land.

The budget also reflects an amount of Rs.861.68 lakh as opening balance of the account of CADC Employees Pension Cell.

The CEM also presented the Supplementary Demand for grants 2020-2021 and the Re-appropriation of Local Receipt Fund 2020-2021 amounting to  Rs.261.30 lakh.

The amount has been utilized for payment of Old-aged pensions (Rs.15 Lakhs), to meet the state matching share for construction of Students’ Hostel at Aizawl under NLCPR (Rs.33.90 Lakhs), for the execution of various developmental works by PWD, Local Administration Department, Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation Department, Sport & Youth Services Department and Primary School Education Department (Rs.212.40 lakh).

Rs.100.67 lakh was received as local revenue from various sources during the financial year 2020-2021 against a target collection of Rs.109.40 Lakhs. The fund has been utilized to meet various exigencies and in taking up some works.

While appreciating the effort of the state government for facilitating a smooth transition in the wake of a need for a reformation of the Executive Committee of CADC, Durjya Dhan Chakma, in his budget speech, highlighted the various achievements made during the outgoing fiscal year amidst challenges posed by covid19 pandemic.

He thanked all the stakeholders especially the local NGOs like the YCA, CMS, MCSU and SWT for their laudable roles in the fight to contain and spread Covid-19 within CADC.

Major works that were taken up in the previous year which found mention in his budget speech are – purchase of new tipper for disposal of garbage, new LAD building which is near completion, construction of a brick kiln at a cost of Rs.70.16 lakh, distribution of uniforms to pre-primary students and distribution of free textbooks.

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