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Planning a visit to Shillong for Christmas? Be careful — the Meghalaya Tourism department is spreading “wrong information”.

A large number of tourists, who visited the Meghalaya Tourism website to know how to reach Shillong — the Scotland of East, were left totally confused.

“We were shocked to know that Air India stopped the flight from Kolkata to Shillong when we spoke to the travel agent,” Raktim Das, a Kolkata-based businessman said.

Das is right because a visit to the “how to reach (” section of Meghalaya Tourism website is sure to come as a shocker for everyone.

According to Meghalaya Tourism department, Air India still operates with ATR42 aircraft on the Kolkata-Shillong-Kolkata (CD9711/9712) and Shillong-Jorhat-Kolkata (CD9719/9719) sectors.

While tourism industry is all set to boom in Meghalaya, it is surprising that the Meghalaya Tourism Department is yet to wake up from its cool slumber.

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It is shocking because the “how to reach (” section of Meghalaya Tourism website was last updated on October 30, 2017.

Surprisingly, the top honchos of the tourism department of the picturesque state don’t know that on July 20, 2019, budget carrier IndiGo introduced a direct flight in the Kolkata – Shillong sector.

The IndiGo’s flight (6E-7962) takes off from Kolkata at 09:45 and reaches Shillong at 11.30 am.

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“How can a state tourism department spread such wrong information and confuse the tourists?” Prithwiraj Dutta, another tourist planning a visit to Shillong during the New Year, said.

The “Festivals” section of the Meghalaya Tourism website was last updated on October 5, 2017.

It is sad that the Meghalaya Tourism website has no mention of the colourful India International Cherry Blossom Festival in Shillong.

This year, thousands of people from across India were in Shillong from November 13 to 16 to witness the unique autumn flowering of Himalayan Cherry Blossoms.

With several cultural events, fashion shows, rock concerts and beauty pageant, a large number of tourists also took part in an amateur Golf Tournament during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Alongside, there were stalls, showcasing the region’s food, wine and crafts.

The Meghalaya Tourism Department also did not feel it necessary to publicize the Northeast Food Show 2019 in Shillong.

It is the largest food innovation show of northeast, and is being hosted jointly by the Meghalaya government and the SAIL Group, the world’s largest food innovation network.

Meghalaya is definitely the most beautiful state in Northeast India, and is described as an all-year-round tourist destination.

Monsoon too in Meghalaya provides the exhilaration and experience to the tourists of being on the wettest place on the planet.

As a result, Meghalaya is the most visited destinations of northeast, because of the diversity of natural aesthetic bounty.

Temperature in Meghalaya is also perfect for tourism. In summers, it ranges from 15°C to 25°C; and in winter months, the temperature ranges between 4°C and 16°C.

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