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The former chief minister of Assam, Tarun Gogoi, said that the final National Register of Citizens (NRC) is being prepared in Assam “at the behest of RSS”.

Addressing media persons in Guwahati on Thursday, Gogoi fumed, “The final Assam NRC which will be out on July 30 next will not be a totally error-free one as the BJP government is trying its best to bring in the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.”

Gogoi further stated that the BJP government was not giving too much of stress on preparing a final NRC list “devoid of a single illegal migrant”.

“Just because the NRC is being prepared at the behest of RSS, genuine Indian citizens are being harassed,” the former Assam CM further remarked.

To buttress his statement, he further questioned, “How was 40 lakh people left out? Out of the 40 lakh who did not make it to final draft Assam NRC, a lot of genuine Indian citizens are also there.”

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Lambasting the BJP government, he said that the saffron party leaders make tall talks but their “actions speak otherwise – roads are in a dilapidated condition, prices of essential items are hitting the roof, unemployment is soaring, and everything is in a chaos”.

He said with an air of confidence that the BJP stands no chance to win in this Lok Sabha polls “until and unless they tamper with the EVMs”.

He prophesied that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stars are not favouring him and once the election results are out on May 23 next, “bad days will befall BJP”.

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He affirmed, “The people of India will get a new government this time round and the Congress will play a pivotal role in it.”

He promised that if the Congress government comes to power at the Centre, both Nagaon and Silchar paper mills will be reopened and Assam will get back its ‘special state category’ status.

Gogoi finally said that he will no more utter the sentence – “‘Who is Badruddin?’ as the people of Assam did not give my party majority in the 2016 Assembly elections for saying so as a result of which I lost.”

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