Peta India CEO Manilal Vallyiate

PETA India, the leading animal rights organization has raised serious questions about Assam Forest Department’s decision to transport four elephants from Assam to Ahmedabad.

Manilal Valliyate, CEO and Veterinarian of PETA India, in a statement issued on Thursday, said the decision to transport the four elephants is an apparent violation of the Supreme Court’s directive.

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The Supreme Court, through an order on May 4, 2016, had directed that, the persons who are in possession of elephants shall not transfer the elephants outside the state nor shall they part with the elephants by way of transfer in any manner, Valliyate said.

“Abused elephants would never bless, only curse their abusers,” the CEO of PETA India said.

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Valliyate said experts have already warned of the dangers of transporting these elephants such a huge distance, forcing them to work in heat, and of the risk of these elephants ending up in the illegal wildlife trade.

The PETA India official said the captive elephants are kidnapped from their families, trained and controlled through beatings, kept almost constantly chained, and routinely kills humans out of frustration.

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Valliyate said PETA India has long recommended the use of mechanical elephants or other novel and humane approaches instead of real elephants in processions and events, he said.

PETA India was launched in January 2000. It operates from Mumbai under the simple principle that animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

The animal rights organization has also been educating policymakers and the public about animal abuse and promoting an understanding of the right of all animals to be treated with respect.

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