A still from the movie

A feature film produced under the banner of the Dark Horse Media of Barama in Baksa district – Sinaithi (The Identity) is going to be released in September next across Assam.

A still from the movie

The story of the film revolves around Bijit, a vegetable supplier in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya and resides in the city with his wife Maidang and son Rifikhang.

Bwhwithi, a kindergarten teacher from Baksa is on a vacation to Shillong and befriends Rifikhang.

On one business trip to Smit, Bijit is left injured after a brawl with some crooks while he states the same as an accident concealing the truth to his son.

The truth regarding the incident is, however, discovered through the driver upon inspection of the vehicle that bears no scratches or dents as signs of an accident.

The search for the malefactors begins and on the quest a greater truth is revealed that concerns his personal identity.

This little piece of history is buried deep and dates back to the 90s, during the time of Bodoland Autonomus Council (BAC) Accord when three revolutionary friends Swmkhwr, Phakhon, and Rwdwm part in a dreadful way.

Bwhwithi and Rifikhang eventually fall for each other, but are separated based on falsehood delivered by Abir who knew little about Bijit’s family.

They develop an attitude of abhorrence towards each other.

Rwdwm and his son Abir, posing as businesses men are enacted to exploit the society and its youth through their illicit affairs of business in drug peddling, extortion, money laundering, and land grabbing.

They have recently tried to persuade a villager, Rakheb, to sell them his land for the construction of a petrol pump.

A moment during making of the movie

Rakheb is the forlorn brother of Bijit and the land that Rwdwm tries to acquire rightfully belonged to Bijit.

Driven by lust, Rwdwm gets a youngster murdered through Abir and frames Rakheb for it.

This summons Bijit and his family and they along with the villagers take a stand against the atrocious Rwdwm.

Rifikhang avenges his father and uncle atrocities while Rwdwm and Abir are brought to justice, in the backdrop of traditional sports.

The movie is directed by Phoongbili Basumatary.

The songs have been rendered by Biraj Mochahary, Geetasri Ramchiary, Janali Ramchiary and Birkhang.

The story is written by Sulen Mochahary.

Graphic Designing and VFX are done by Mwgthang Mochahary, Gitumoni Basumatary and Zenivik Niki Parme.

The camera is handled aptly by Sanjib Boro.

Make up is done by Jogot Boro.

The artistes are Rongjalu (Ron) Narzary, Fuji Basumatary, Kamleswar Basumatary, Ringkumoni Narzary, Minu Lahary, Rumi Basumatary, Thakhlai, Mendela and others.

Sinaithi (The Identity) has been edited by Ansuma Basumatary and Danial Swargiary.

Rinoy Basumatary

Rinoy Basumatary is Northeast Now Correspondent in Kokrajhar. He can be reached at: rinoymasscom@gmail.com

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