Panipuri vendor in Guwahati with a message to save water

How will it be to have the mouth-watering ‘phuska’ or the ‘panipuri’ sans its tangy flavoured water?

Unappetizing… to say the least!

Well, that just might be the reality if the acute water crisis continues unabated in the country, including Assam and the Northeast.

A ‘panipuri’ vendor in Guwahati’s Bora Service might have just foreseen the future where he will be selling ‘panipuri’ without its highly loved tangy flavoured water.

Appealing the people to preserve water, the vendor has put an interesting placard that reads- “Save Water, otherwise ‘Pani Puri’ will become only Puri.”

The placard has been able to garner a lot of attention with onlookers look at it with all curiosity.

“He is making a valid point here. Pani-puri without the ‘pani’ (water) is like having meat without onions,” remarked a passerby while interacting with Northeast Now.

Groundwater levels in Assam have depleted immensely in the last 10 years and Guwahati to has taken the brunt.

In the recent past, groundwater in several areas of Guwahati has dried out almost completely with citizens being forced to buy water daily for their everyday chores.

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