Guwahati:  Several reports have claimed that former Assam President Congress Committee president Ripun Bora might join the Trinamool Congress.

Some reports claimed that Ripun Bora might join the TMC in a function scheduled next week but the former MP has denied the claims.

A source, however, told NENOW that the final decision is not yet taken by the former MP as well as his supporters.

There are chances that he might join the TMC but on certain conditions which could not be revealed.

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The source speaking about the recent topic related to Ripun Bora’s possibility of joining the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said that it is not possible for him to join the Delhi-based party due to certain reasons.

“A major reason is that AAP as of now is focusing on other states that are closer to Delhi and which are easier for it to set bases”, the source added.

The source also added that right now AAP is seen as more concerned about Gujarat and Himachal and not Assam.

According to the source, the Delhi-based party is focusing more on Himachal.

In order to make the focus more on Assam, it needs to skip two states in between but that can create a problem and so its primary targets are the ones closer to Delhi.

The source added, “On the other hand, Ripun Bora has more chances to join the Kolkata-based party. TMC has already set a base in Meghalaya as well as made its presence felt in the North-East. Moreover, TMC and AAP are also the third front at the national level.”

The source further added that the final call has not been taken and there are chances of him joining it but that time will tell.

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Speaking on the same topic, Bhaben Choudhury, AAP Assam chief said that everyone including Ripun Bora would be welcomed to AAP but given that they accept the party’s ideology and work for the society.

On being asked if Ripun Bora was in contact with the AAP as claimed by a few leaders, he said, “Being in contact is a normal thing, there’s nothing wrong. Even the people who claimed this had also been in contact with me. It does not mean that the person will join us randomly.”