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It seems, Dhubri, the district headquarter town of western Assam, has been turned into a gambling hub since the last couple of years. For this situation, a section of conscious people have blamed some corrupt police officers who allegedly take bribes from the people involved in running illegal gambling racket in the town and allow such anti-social activities to flourish in every  nook and corner of the town in broad day light.

Notably, in the recent operation conducted at the Yubraj Club located on the outskirts of Dhubri town  by the district administration in order to bust the  gambling den, one police constable was arrested from the gambling spot while other gamblers were managed to flee from the spot.

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Amazingly, during the raid conducted at the Yuvraj Club, the Executive Magistrate along with the College Road Outpost police had also seized a number of diaries used for gambling purpose where it was allegedly mentioned about the payments made to police, which revealed the nexus between police and gamblers.

Gambling has become the routine practice in the different clubs of Dhubri town which are registered under the Society Registration Act and meant for development of the social art & culture activities but instead they are involved in illegal activities round the clock by violating the norms and guidelines framed for the purpose without any interruption under the right nose of police administration.

Although the Deputy Commissioner of Dhubri, Ananta Lal Gyani after taking charge of the district has already taken a number of initiatives to curb the menace and the district administration has already sealed as many as three clubs of Dhubri town namely Boys Club, Gadadhar Club and Yubraj Club for their involvement in illegal activities.

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But despite it, the other modes of gambling like selling of teer tickets and ending game tickets are still running in Dhubri town by allegedly managing the police.

The local populace are worried about the rising trends of such illegal practice as a large number of youth mostly belonging to the BPL and daily earners come close to such games and spend their daily hard earnings for buying the ‘teer’ and ‘ending game’ tickets.

It may be mentioned that during the short tenure of the than Superintendent of Police, Dipak Choudhary in 2010-11, all such illegal gambling were totally stopped and the gamblers involved in ‘teer’ and ending game either left the town or shut down their illegal business during his regime of 14 months.

But soon after his transfer from Dhubri district, all illegal businesses restarted in a rampant way and continued without any hurdle for the reasons best known to the police.

Mukesh Kr Singh

Mukesh Kr Singh is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dhubri. He can be reached at: mkdhubri@gmail.com

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