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Guwahati:  Clamour for action against IAS officer Varnali Deka gets louder with some of Assam’s prominent personalities voicing concerns against the bureaucrat’s ‘misconduct’.

They have also expressed strong resentment against the Assam government for ‘shielding’ the Kokrajhar Deputy Commissioner (DC), who allegedly slapped fourth-grade employee Deepak Das and threw food stuff at him for ‘not bringing her lunch box in a carry bag’.

The incident, which came to light on Saturday night, took place on Friday evening at Kokrajhar Deputy Commissioner’s office.

Five days on but the Assam government has not initiated any disciplinary action against DC Varnali Deka.

“It is a pity that Varnali Deka’s offence against fundamental rights as well as official code of discipline has been passed over by the state government,” renowned scholar and public intellectual Dr. Hiren Gohain told Northeast Now.

“What has been reported is only a personal attempt to settle matters, whereas the matter is serious enough to merit disciplinary proceedings including proper legal action,” Dr. Gohain said.

“Thus the inaction encourages senior bureaucrats to behave in a most brutal despotic manner with office workers of lower ranks. And thus create a general environment of barbaric administration,” he added.

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Expressing deep resentment over the incident, veteran journalist and Rajya Sabha MP Ajit Kr Bhuyan said, “Such an act by an IAS officer is highly condemnable. The authorities concerned should have taken immediate action against the bureaucrat to provide justice to the employee, who was mentally and physically abused.”

“It is unfortunate that no action has been initiated against the deputy commissioner up till now,” Bhuyan told this news website.

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Speaking to Northeast Now, political thinker Dr. Apurba Kr Baruah said police should have taken suo moto cognizance of the incident and investigated the case.

“Does the Constitution give her the right to assault an employee? Mere apologising is not enough. Who has given her the right to take the law into her hands?” Baruah, a former professor of NEHU, told this reporter.

“Since the Deputy Commissioner has violated the rule of law, the Chief Secretary should initiate departmental proceedings and take action against her without further delay,” he added.

Meanwhile, miffed at the Assam government’s inaction, a relative of Deepak Das said they won’t relent until Das gets justice.

“Mere apology is not enough. DC Varnali Deka must face action. BTC Chief Pramod Boro has assured us to discuss the issue on February 2, we will wait till then,” he said.

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