Screen grab of the elephant in the Army canteen
Screen grab of the elephant in the Army canteen

A video of an elephant entering the dining hall of a defence establishment in Guwahati, Assam, has gone viral on Twitter and other social media platforms on Wednesday.

A large elephant was seen gradually entering the dining hall of an Army canteen and pushing some tables and chairs which were lined up there.

Some people later chased the elephant away by waving fire.

Some men in uniform were also seen recording the incident—indicating it to be an Army cantonment area.

Guwahati-based defence spokesman Lt Col. P Khongsai, however, said that there is no report of any elephant entering the cantonment area on Wednesday.

“We are not sure about this. I have seen some visuals of an elephant entering a Jawan’s dining area. It could be of today or maybe earlier or maybe of someplace else…I am not sure,” Khongsai said.

“None of our officers or jawans reported any such happening to me so far today,” he added.

“The people in the cantonment experience elephants so much that it has become a sort of routine incident,” he further said.

The elephant entering the Army cantonment at Narengi area in the city is very common due to its proximity with the Amchung wildlife sanctuary.

Herds of elephants from the nearby Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary often enter the cantonment area.

In May this year, an elephant from the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary walked down the streets of Guwahati before it was tranquillized by the forest officials at night.