Unabated erosion by the Brahmaputra in Dhalpur-Jamuguri area of Lakhimpur district has forced many villagers to leave their homes in fear.

Villagers in Aarimora, Lotabari and Bonpuroi have been passing sleepless nights as massive erosion by the Brahmaputra has threatened their existence with houses and farmlands.

People are seen shifting their stored grains form barns, cattle sheds and clearing their backyards in a desperate bid to save their assets amidst the fast-moving river towards their villages under Narayanpur Revenue Circle.

Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal visited the erosion-hit area of Bonpuroi in Jamuguri in Lakhimpur district on July, 28 and inspected the on-going bank protection works by state Water Resources department at Check bund No. 3.

Work of concrete porcupine has been on between the Check bund of No2. and No. 3 in Bonpuroi.

The erosion has devoured a stretch of 150 meters from the river to the embankment near Check bund No. 4 with trees and groves of bamboo.

The erosion close to this part of the embankment with geo-bags is now the reason for apprehension for the villagers.

The increased pace of bank erosion in Jamuguri-Bonpuroi area this year has been attributed to the change of course of the Brahmaputra from the south to that of Subansiri river by crushing the Jamuguri sand bar.

This collision course of these two mighty rivers has created a circular current hitting the banks in Bonpuroi.

However, work has been on with concrete and bamboo porcupines to check the new course of the Brahmaputra at the confluence of Subansiri, Luit and Brahmaputra at Tinisutimukh.

Erosion by the Luit river has also displaced hundreds of villagers in Chelek, Bor Aati, Bokaduwar, Purani Bothakhona and Atura Chapori in Lakhimpur district.

Farhana Ahmed

Farhana Ahmed is Northeast Now Correspondent in North Lakhimpur. She can be reached at: farhana.ahmed777@gmail.com