A group of international hackers are believed to be behind the cyberattack on the server of Duliajan-based office of Oil India Limited in Assam.

The hackers before hacking into the servers of Duliajan-based office of Oil India Limited in Assam, had demanded a ransom of 75 lakh US dollars.

The hackers had managed to send a ransom demand to one of the computers at the Duliajan-based office of Oil India Limited in Assam, before hacking its servers.

This was stated in the FIR that the Oil India Limited has lodged at the Duliajan police station in Dibrugarh district of Assam in connection with the case.

“…we received an email… a cyberattack of Ransomware has been occurred on OIL’s one of the work station of G&R department,” the FIR by Oil India Limited read.

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The Oil India Limited’s FIR added: “Further, it also came to their notice that, cyber attacker has demanded 7500000 USD as a ransom through a note from the infected PC.”

The FIR lodged by Oil India Limited’s Sachin Kumar, manager-security, stated that “due to this cyberattack ransomware, OIL and Govt enchequer has incurred huge financial loss as business through IT has been seriously affected”.

Meanwhile, as per latest reports, the Assam police have sought the assistance of its crime branch section to track down the cyber attacker who took down the servers of Oil India Limited.

Duliajan based office of the Oil India Limited in Assam’s Dibrugarh district is facing one of the biggest IT crisis.

All computers and IT systems in the Duliajan based office of the Oil India Limited have been shut down owing to the cyberattack.

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Tridip Hazarika, Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Oil India Ltd (OIL), Duliajan said: “It is a serious cyberattack on OIL, Duliajan.”

He added: “Because of the cyberattack, OIL has been forced to withdraw all their computer system from LAN connection after it has come to the knowledge that 3-4 computers are infected due to the virus.”

“After the disconnection of all the computers from the LAN, OIL has no access to Internet connectivity,” Trideep Hazarika said.

He further said: “The IT department is yet to ascertain the extent of damage. OIL is working on solving the issue. Previously also OIL faced such problems but this time it seems that it is the biggest IT related crisis, which will take time to restore.”

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