Despite the presence of central security forces in Assam-Mizoram border areas at Lailapur and Khulichara, the aggression of Mizo ‘goons’ continues unabated. 

Highly placed sources said that the alleged miscreants from Mizoram are roaming freely with sharp weapons at Dholai in Assam’s Barak Valley and are threatening non-Mizos.. 

The non-Mizo residents of Dholai are so scared that they have stopped visiting places like Lailapur, Hawaithang, Frenchnagar, Khulichara, Singoa, Lalchara and Dholaikhal. 

Sources informed that these days, miscreants from Mizoram have started demanding land pattas from the non-Mizos residing in Dholai. 

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In a bid to establish their authority the alleged Mizo miscreants have allegedly started chopping trees and sowing betel nut seeds. 

Due to poor condition of roads, Assam police hardly visit these places. Their absence seems to have given a fillip to the morale of the alleged Mizo miscreants, who are now roaming freely in full public view. 

“The Mizo goons have been carrying out their raids for the past few months. We are all passing sleepless nights. We would like to request our elected representatives to take up this matter at the highest level,” a non-Mizo resident of Lailapur said requesting anonymity. 

It is also learnt that the Mizo ‘goons’ are forcefully looting vegetables from the homes non-Mizos. 

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Undoubtedly with each passing day the situation is getting worse. Learning about this fresh Mizo ‘aggression’, the All Cachar Karimganj Hailakandi Student Association (ACKHSA) rushed to Lailapur on Tuesday to take stock of the situation. 

“In the past ACKHSA spearheaded many protest demonstrations against Mizo aggression. If required we can once again start a mass movement against Mizo aggression. The state government must provide land pattas to the non-Mizos staying in Assam-Mizoram border areas in Dholai. The government must make a sincere attempt to solve this crisis once and for all,” ACKHSA advisor Rupam Nandipurkayastha said.