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In order to ensure total lockdown, the Dhubri district administration has decided to arrange home delivery of essential commodities in the municipal areas under the district.

The Dhubri municipal board has initiated steps to facilitate home delivery of essential commodities and vegetables through 67 grocery shops in all 16 wards of Dhubri town from Saturday.

Following the declaration of lockdown by the Assam government and the announcement of 21-day lockdown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi till April 14, people thronged local markets across the town in large numbers to stock essential commodities and vegetable.

The lockdown was announced as a preventive measure to contain the spread of COVID19.

Despite requests from the Prime Minister to the chief minister to maintain ‘social distancing’ during the lockdown period, it fell only on deaf ears.

In the last few days, a large number of people were seen gathering in local market areas without maintaining ‘social distancing’ and the lockdown guidelines totally went for a toss.

Rahul  S Javir, executive officer of the Dhubri Municipal Board said, “It was noticed that some mischief-mongers, who just wanted to hit the roads, came out to the streets in the pretext of buying essential commodities, even though they really had nothing to purchase.”

Taking various aspects into account and experiencing the situation during the last two days, the district administration held meetings with the traders and shopkeepers of the town.

After discussions, the district administration has decided to facilitate home delivery of essential items and vegetables so that the people can get it at their doorsteps, said Javir.

Nine shops, out of the total 67 grocery shops, marked for selling essential commodities across the Dhubri municipal areas, began home delivery while the Dhubri Municipal Board authority is delivering vegetable itself directly to the doorsteps of the residents.

Apart from that, the district administration has also allowed a total of 17 grocery shops under Gauripur Municipal areas of the district to provide essential commodities to their valued consumers with a provision to arrange home delivery of essential items.

The citizens of Dhubri and Gauripur towns have thanked the district administration and the municipal authorities for taking the initiative to ensure home delivery of essential items amidst total lockdown.

Mukesh Kr Singh

Mukesh Kr Singh is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dhubri. He can be reached at: mkdhubri@gmail.com