MANGALDOI: The first wave of the floods in Assam has not only affected people, but also the wildlife.

At the Orang national park in Darrang district of Assam, wildlife has been adversely affected by the floods.

During a visit by this correspondent to the Orang national park on Thursday, it was noticed that a big area of the park has been submerged by the overflowing water of the Brahmaputra River and its tributary Dhanshri. 

Keeping aside all odds, the forest guards, either on foot or elephants or boats, were seen keeping a strict vigil over possible movement of poachers, who might look to take the opportunity of floods to hunt animals.

Meanwhile according to a source in the Orang national park in Assam, as many as thirteen forest protection camps out of the total forty one have been submerged thus far.

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However, till filing of this report, no incident of loss of any wildlife has come to light.

The wild lives are now taking shelter in safe high lands of the national park. 

Meanwhile, the impact of this wave of flood, which had submerged the most parts of the Orang national park in Darrang district of Assam, is being viewed as serious in comparison to previous times.

Many fear that there is a possibility of heavy damage to road infrastructure inside the park.

Mayukh Goswami

Mayukh Goswami is Northeast Now Correspondent in Mangaldai. He can be reached at: