Dibrugarh: Pandal hoppers in Dibrugarh are going to get a nature-based theme in this year’s Durga puja celebrations.

This year, Theatrepara Malipatty Durga Puja Samity has made ‘Butterfly Park’ as their theme. Theatrepara Malipatty is one of the popular puja in Dibrugarh. This year they are celebrating the 42nd year of the puja. 

“Every year we chose eco-friendly themes which resonate with the people very much.  We have chosen butterflies as our theme as they are indicators of a healthy environment and healthy ecosystem. They represent freedom, beauty and peace. We want to highlight their importance in the environment,” Aman Chirania, a member of Theatrepara Malipatty Durga Puja Samity said.

“Many species of butterflies have gone extinct due to deforestation. Through this theme, we want to create awareness on ‘Save environment’ by doing plantations. Butterflies are the symbol of a clean and green environment, so through this theme, we appeal to people to carry out plantation,” Chirania said.

The Gangapara Sarbajanin Durga Puja which will be celebrating its 70th year will showcase the Kedarnath Temple as its theme. The entire construction has been made using waste materials and eco-friendly products. 

The Graham Bazar Mitra Sangha Durga Puja which is one of the popular pujas of Dibrugarh town has chosen agriculture as its theme which they will showcase through eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. The Mitra Sangha puja will be celebrating its 40th year. 

Similarly, the Jhalukpara Sarbajanin Durga Puja which will be celebrating its 65th year will be using bio-degradable materials for its puja. 

“Our entire pandal has been constructed with biodegradable materials like dry flowers, jute and wood. The government is also promoting a healthy and plastic-free lifestyle for the people. Our theme will be on the benefits of biodegradable products and Swachh Bharat,” said a member of the Jhalukpara Durga Puja committee.

Avik Chakraborty

Avik Chakraborty is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dibrugarh. He can be reached at: babs8oct@gmail.com