NORTH LAKHIMPUR: The Lakhimpur and North Lakhimpur district units of All Assam Students Union (AASU) on Friday staged a demonstration against the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) over the collapse of a guard wall at the Subansiri dam.

The AASU activists also set on fire effigies of NHPC at the main traffic intersection in North Lakhimpur demanding scraping of the hydroelectric project for the protection of people living in the downstream of the river Subansiri in Lakhimpur district of Assam.

Notably, the AASU is conducting similar protests across Assam over the collapse of the guard wall at the Subansiri dam.

The Subansiri Lower Hydro-electric Project (SLHEP) was in news recently for the collapse of a guard wall of its diversion tunnels due to heavy rain, which led to the flooding inside the main power house of the project.

The incident prompted the NHPC authorities to evacuate its workers and suspend works which was nearing completion.

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Meanwhile, president of Assam Congress – Bhupen Bora visited the SLHEP site on Thursday to take stock of the situation following recent damages.

After inspecting the site the Assam Congress chief expressed concerns at the safety of the dam as the guard wall for the protection of the turbines inside the power house was breached by the flood waters of Subansiri.

He demanded the central government to set up a high power committee to visit the SLHEP site to enquire the recent developments to allay fears of the people living in the downstream areas of the hydroelectric power dam in Assam.

Farhana Ahmed

Farhana Ahmed is Northeast Now Correspondent in North Lakhimpur. She can be reached at: