Dorjee Sona
Dorjee Sona

Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly Speaker Pasang Dorjee Sona on Friday expressed grave concern over the rapid migration of people from rural to urban areas globally.

He was addressing a workshop titled ‘Combating Rapid Urbanisation and Rural Decline’ organized on the sidelines of 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference at Kampala in Uganda.

“People from the rural areas are rapidly migrating to urban areas and the scenario is universal across the globe,” Sona said.

“The main cause for this mass migration is the want for basic amenities,” the Speaker added.

“Most of the people in the rural areas of the commonwealth nations are not fully equipped and they lack in terms of employment, cultural and social opportunities,” Sona added.

Dorjee Sona said that it was also due to the absence of industries and social and economic pressures that the people from backward areas are moving towards urbanized centres in search of a job.

“Development of comprehensive policies assuring access to necessary public services by improving the socio-economic conditions of rural areas is must for mitigating the problems of rapid urbanization,” Sona said.

“If we really want to bring an end to the movement of our rural masses, we should bring in development to their doorsteps,” he added.

“Once development comes in, this will offer job opportunities and also improve the socio-economic condition of our rural masses,” Sona further said.

Sona further underlined a few areas which can be developed such as setting up of small, medium and big industries, a sufficient number of schools, colleges, skill and vocational development institutions, etc.


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