Caroline Malsawmtluangi.
Caroline Malsawmtluangi. Image credit - EastMojo

A minor girl in Mizoram has become the internet sensation overnight.

Yes, 11-year-old Caroline Malsawmtluangi has caught everyone’s attention by rescuing a kid from her kidnapper and reuniting her with her family and becomes a talk of the town in the hill state of Northeast India.

Caroline is like any other student of her age. However, what she did on June 10 is an act which perhaps many of her age group and beyond would not even think of.

A native of from Zuangtui Vengthar village, located a few kilometers off Aizawl, the state capital of Mizoram, Caroline saw a woman and a minor girl in the locality, who were new to her.

Although she did not pay much attention to the new neighbours, yet her attention was drawn after two days when some policemen came to the village and asked people about a minor girl who had gone missing from a village in Lunglei district.

When the police showed the photograph of the missing girl, Caroline could identify for sure the girl who she had seen with the unidentified woman two days back.

The police left the village after giving their contact number to Caroline’s mother.

Two days later, Caroline met the woman again when the woman asked her about some labourers.

The woman said that the labourers had taken money from her and did not return.

The woman further wanted Caroline to go and check if the labourers (working on a nearby house) were still there.

Spotting the missing child around, Caroline instead suggested the woman to go and check for herself while she offered to take care of the minor girl.

As the woman left to check the labourers, Caroline put the minor girl on her back and started running towards her house.

Although the woman saw Caroline running with the kid on the way and asked her to stop, she did not stop until she reached her home with the girl on her back.

Her grandfather later called the police and identified the girl to be the missing girl.

While the police took custody of the missing girl, they also arrested the woman kidnapper, identified as one 31-year-old Zonunsangi Fanai.

The police also reunited the missing girl with her parents the same day.

Caroline Malsawmtluangi is a student of Class IV of Muana Primary School.


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