Diabetes is a very tricky healthcare problem that continues to trouble us even if we struggle hard to maintain our lifestyle the way the doctor had suggested.

From cutting down our consumption of most food items to constant medications, it is definitely irritating when our blood sugar rise up at times out of the blue.

A spike in blood sugar levels can lead to various ailments like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and even kidney and vision problems.

Although there isn’t a permanent cure for diabetes, it can be managed well but unpredictable rise in blood sugar levels is a matter of concern and there might be many causes behind it.

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According to healthcare experts, there are some factors that could lead to a spike in blood sugar levels-

Extreme exposure to sun

If you are a diabetic who constantly ventures outside in daylight, your blood sugar levels might be increasing due to extreme exposure to sun. When our body soaks in more sunlight, it causes us to sweat more which leads the kidneys to hold on to more water while the liver secretes more glucose or sugars thereby decreasing insulin sensitivity. 

Regular use of artificial sweeteners and coffee

Stay away from using artificial sweeteners and drinking coffee to control diabetes. Although coffee without sugar and artificial sweetener for every dish might be advertised or popularized by word-of-mouth as the best option for diabetic persons, healthcare experts are of the view that it only causes a rise in blood sugar levels and are harmful in the long run.

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Never eating breakfast

Healthcare experts say that skipping breakfast is the worst habit of a person suffering from diabetes. If you have a hearty lunch at office or a nice dinner at night, it won’t do your body any good and will only cause an increase in blood sugar levels. When you don’t eat the first meal of a day and stay hungry for a longer period of time, our body doesn’t function effectively to regulate blood sugar levels

Irregular sleeping patterns

It is better to go to bed early if you are a diabetic as it plays an important role in insulin production. According to healthcare experts, one night of insufficient sleep harms insulin production and usage. Lack of sleep causes levels of leptin, the hormone that helps us feel full, to drop and levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, to rise. If you stay up late in the night due to work or for watching your favourite movie, try to do it before 11 PM or complete it after waking up at 5 AM. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is most essential for a diabetic person.

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Drink enough water in a day if you have diabetes because dehydration causes your blood sugar to become more concentrated as there is less water in the body during that time. Whenever you go to office or for any other work out of your home, don’t forget to take a large bottle of water with you to keep your body hydrated.

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