Brides must always try to follow a healthy diet to stay well and look beautiful on her wedding day.

According to celebrity nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee, every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day as it one of the most important events in her life.

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“Precisely why, for some women, the last few months leading up to ‘the big day’ can be most stressful as they work extra hard at this stage to get in shape and look their best,” she wrote in a post in Instagram.

“And this stress makes many to be brides either overeat or follow fad diets to lose weight,” she added.

She also said that brides-to-be simply cannot look good and feel great unless their body is properly nourished and gets adequate exercise.

She has suggested some diet tips for brides-to-be to look beautiful on her wedding day-

i) Eat smaller meals, more frequently, as this will help reduce low blood sugar caused by stress. Besides it is a good strategy to manage your weight. Include atleast 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet

ii) Drink atleast 2 glasses of vegetable juice made from tomatoes, spinach, dudhi, mint and coriander. These vegetables will help to detoxify your body and eliminate body odour.

iii) Include atleast 40-45 grams of protein in your diet such as fish, egg white and dairy products

iv) Ensure that your diet provides you with sufficient calcium

v) Freshly squeezed orange juice is great for your skin, hair and also provides easy-to-digest condensed nutrients to your body

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vi) Avoid refined food items made from maida like rumali roti, naan, noodles etc. as they make the body retain water, thus making you feel bloated

vii) Increase your water intake to atleast 2-3 litres in a day

viii) If you have acne, follow a lot-fat diet with no more than 4-5 teaspoons (per day) of oil in your food.

ix) Drink coconut water atleast twice a week as it is good for your skin, digestive system and also works wonders for your hair.

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