Food is not only the fuel for the body but are a source of energy for the mind too so it is necessary for us to consume our meals always mindfully.

Celebrity nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee feels that we experience a desire to have specific food items at the time of feeling certain emotions.

According to the nutritionist, our intense desire for certain food items or flavours is known as food cravings and it is characteristically different from normal hunger issues.

Most of us feel a craving for food at the time of having sadness, anxiety, depression, boredom or stressed conditions.

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The nutritionist reveals the type of food items that people should eat when they feel sad, anxious, bore or are in deep stress.

The healthy food items that you can consume when you are in tension and anxiety are whole wheat bread sandwiches, boiled potato chaat and dry bhel , carrot sticks and crunchy fruits like apples and pears

Mukerjee says that the above food items will help in controlling our sugar cravings too and won’t come in the way of our healthy dieting intentions.

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If you are feeling bored, Mukerjee recommends that snacking on salty and crunchy nuts like almonds, peanuts and roasted chana can offer exceptional health benefits.

For getting an ideal energy-boosting and boredom-relieving snack, Mukerjee suggests combining the nuts with black raisins in a proportion of 3: 1 ( i.e. three parts almonds and one part raisins).

When you are feeling low, the nutritionist recommends on eating fruits as it can gradually increase our blood sugar levels without causing an insulin spike or weight gain.

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Besides being an excellent choice of food to munch on whenever we are feeling low, Mukerjee claims that fruits serve as potent, detoxifying agents for the body and will also us with loads of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

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