Communication is a key to create a stronger bond and healthy relationship with your partner.

However, many people just talk about random things rather than communicating about their needs, wants, expectations, creating a safe space to speak about their vulnerabilities.

Spend time talking about a variety of topics that make both of you grow together as a couple and prevent your relationship from becoming stale.

Here are 6 ways to grow that will help you to grow a healthy and strong bond with your partner:


It is important to admire and appreciate every small achievement that makes your partner special and unique from others. That’s because this makes them feel heard or seen. Appreciation is gratitude in action within a healthy relationship. Make sure you practice this regularly in your relationships.

Safety in conflict

Two people may disagree in a lot of things and may have different opinions but speaking your truth and acknowledging your thoughts/feelings without any hesitation is the safety required in a relationship. Difficult conversations can happen, where you both can listen and approach the situation with curiosity, knowing you have goodwill towards each other. In case you feel that your nervous system becomes deregulated, take a short break and return to the conversation later.

Realistic expectations around needs

One must understand that no single person can fufill all emotional, physical and mental needs. Being excessive emotionally dependent on them can sometimes lead to disappointment. One should not use any kind of force, manipulation, or coercion to get their needs met. This results in a lack of resentment and empathy for each other. Hang out with your friends or spend time with family or cousins outside which will create less dependency and will have other people to talk to whenever you feel low.

Emotional intimacy

It is critical to have access to the central vagal response where there’s a mutual connection, cooperation, playfulness and vulnerability. Having uncomfortable conversations with your partner is essential which creates emotional intimacy among the partners. It can be difficult if a person is stuck in a hyper-vigilant or dissociated (detached) state. 

Humbly apologizing and not repeating the mistakes

Being grateful for whatever you have done for each other as a partner and humbly apologising for the mistakes as well not repeating them again is important. Many bonds break due to lack of humbleness in the partners or repetition of their mistakes.

Create boundaries

People grow with pain, sufferings that affect their decisions in their later life. Create a safe boundary of not speaking about things that concern your partner or ask them things that they are not comfortable to talk about until they themselves discuss about them. This creates a sense of respect for each other.

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