Trekking is a thrilling activity that many people enjoy as long walks amidst great views in the lush green forest or mountains can bring great calming vibes to the weary mind and body of a person.

When we get to have a jaw-dropping view from the top of the hill , it gives goosebumps to the travellers and seem to satiate every form of wanderlust that rises within them.

It is important to carry some essentials so that we do not face any problems while trekking. Here are 5 essentials that one must carry while planning for trekking:

Appropriate footwear

A good pair of trekking shoes or boots is essential for trekking. The trekking shoes or boots need to have sturdy soles and ankle support to keep your feet protected and comfortable during the trek. Wearing the right trekking shoe is important.

Backpack with rain cover

An appropriate backpack containing side pockets and a department is important while trekking. This will help you organize things. Moreover, carry a rain cover as it can protect your bag once it rains.

Navigation Tools

Keeping navigation tools such as a map and compass is crucial while setting out for a trek. A map or a compass helps you to stay on track and navigate your destination in the unfamiliar terrain and then return back from the mountain without any distress.

Water bottle and snacks

Trekking is a time-consuming activity and carrying enough water and snacks to keep yourself hydrated and energized is important. Go for some lightweight food items that will not provide extra weight to your backpack. The snack should be nutritious enough.

Medical kit

Carrying a first aid kit is essential as accidents can occur on the trail. A first aid kit containing bandages, pain relievers, and antiseptics is a must. It is also crucial to know basic first aid skills in case of an emergency.

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