5 common make up mistakes you should avoid completely for good skin

Makeup products always sell like hot cakes as the demand for it seems to be increasing everyday due to the wish of people to use it in hiding or perfecting the flaws of their skin.

Although the necessity of makeup and its effects on the skin have been longdebated, makeup is always used as it gives people a huge chance to groom up nicely and boost up their levels of confidence.

However, it is a necessity to apply makeup in the right way so that you don’t end up with some irritating skin issues later in the hope of grooming effectively.

According to Dr. Gurveen Waraich, a Gurgaon-based dermatologist, there are 5 common makeup mistakes you should avoid completely to avoid skin issues later-

i) Applying make up on dry skin

Dr. Waraich said that applying makeup on dry skin will not appear cakey but there is a very high chance of skin irritation too. Before proceeding with the makeup products , ensure that you first put on a hydrating serum and a moisturiser.

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ii) Using ‘dry’ make-up sponge

One of the most common make up hacks, according to the doctor, that make up artists swear by is wetting the make up sponge before using it. Wet sponge will absorb less product so it is easier to
clean probably leading to less bacterial contamination. The doctor suggests that you must clean the sponge after every use and replace it after every three months.

iii) Lipstick as cheek tint

A quick and convenient makeup hack that makes us look good without much effort is using lipstick as cheek tint. However, Dr. Waraich warns that it is not a good idea to use lipstick as cheek tint for skin especially dark, matte colours as the pigments in it are a blend of various metals which at times can sensitize the skin and cause discoloration or eczema.

iv) Soap to set brows

Many dermatologists are against the popular social media trend of using soap to set eyebrows. Dr. Waraich cautioned that leaving soap to set brows is not only damaging to the skin but can also lead to temporary brow hair loss

v) Make up wipes

It is not only bad to use make up wipes for your skin but a big hazard to the environment as well. It dry out the skin, do not clean the make up properly and can also lead to irritation or acne on skin.
Dr. Waraich suggested that you can opt for oil based or biphasic (oil & water) make up removers instead of makeup wipes

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